Are you choosing bathroom equipment? We are to ready to give a suggestion. Our products are a high standard form U.S.A with 10 years warranty. Products are easy to access by visitting HomePro, Mega Home, Boontaworn, Thai wassadu.


We have been an importer and seller bathroom equipment more than 40 years with very high standard from U.S.A. and Europe. Moreover, Pongchai Patana really pays attention at customer service and after sell service. We have been a part of many well-known projects in Bangkok and another provinces.


T H E   F R I S T   B R A N D


Price Pfister

The first brand that was imported by Pongchai Patana was the faucet called “Pfister” which is pretty well-known brand and located in California, U.S.A. Pfister brand was sold and installed to the big projects such as, Narai Hotel, Chiangmai Orchid etc. Not only Pfister that Pongchai Patana import but Fluidmaster is also imported.


History Rinse Quik

Mr.Lek founded that Thai bathroom should be the same as U.S.A bathroom in the next few years. He decided to import rinsing spray brand “Rinse Quik” from U.S.A by seeing rinsing spray which was installed with the sink in U.S.A. However, he did the right thing because most of toilet and bathroom in houses or condominiums have rinsing spray until now. Thai people use rinsing spray instead of jars so, this is clearly seen that it can save the money and area in the toilet. Quality of Rinse Quik was very good. Although they are copied, Rinse Quik was still very unique and still run for 20 years before the company is closed.

Premium Spare Parts

Fluidmaster is a very unique brand in U.S.A because they provided a new technology to solve the problem of leaked water tank.


Rinse Tech

Then, Mrs. Pornpun founded Rinse Tech Company Limited in Bangplee industrial by taking over patent from Rinse Quik.

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